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RAM trucks have a reputation for their quality, durability, power, and loyalty to their customers. The RAM 1500 line has won several awards over the years, including being voted one of the top 10 best engines in 2016 and the Best Buy award from Consumer Digest for the 2017 RAM 1500.

How It All Began

In 2010, RAM was established as a division of Chrysler as a spinoff from Dodge. The Dodge brand started with brothers John and Horace Dodge, who were investors in the Ford Motor Company back in the beginning around 1902. By 1914, they had founded the Dodge Motor Company which was picked up by Chrysler shortly after Chrysler had acquired Italian automaker Fiat. Chrysler had determined that it needed a division that catered to the truck enthusiast who really wanted a quality pickup.
In 1981, RAM was first used after the retiring and rebadging of the Dodge D series of pickup and the B series of vans. Sometime after 1982 the “Club Cab” was dropped from the Dodge lineup, but it was reintroduced in the 1990s models. Prior to the 90s and after the 1985 model year, the four-door crew cab and Utiline beds were also dropped to make room on the line for the 1987 Dodge Dakota which would replace the basic “miser” trim level of the RAM 100 model in 1984.

A New Line of Trucks

The Dodge Dakota was enormously successful in the sales line, so the RAM 100 model was dropped, and vehicles were rolled back into the 150 range for 1990. Then for the model years 1991-1993 the “Club Cab” was reintroduced which had fold-out jump seats. The grille was redesigned in 1991, but Dodge kept the crossbar and the large rectangular headlamps. RAM redesigned their engines for the 1992-1994 models, and they were substantially upgraded with higher compression cycle heads, multi-functional fuel injection, and new manifolds.
Late in the year 2000, a six-speed manual transmission became an option for the diesel models, and heated seats were made an option at the same time for the 2000 gas models. A new RAM 1500 was debuted in 2002, but the older second-generation type of RAM was carried over for the 2002 model 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty configurations. The newer retooled and redesigned RAM models would not appear until about 2003.

RAM Expands

The RAMs were made available in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Europe, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the Middle East, and the United States as of 2016. The RAM 1500 full-sized pickup truck offered only seven trim levels in 2019, which was a big change from the eleven trim levels previously. Functionality and capability for the RAM 1500 increased in the 2019 model year which saw a 2,300-lb. payload increase.
The RAM 1500 trucks are still among the top-rated and more popular models of pickups on the market in recent years. If you are looking for a high-quality pickup like the 2022 RAM 1500, 2500, or 3500 models, you can contact Stanley Automotive Finance Enterprise (S.A.F.E.) of Dallas, Andrews and Gilmer and speak to a member of our team and let us help you find a finance package that is custom made for your budget. Call or come by and get started getting you a new 2022 RAM Pickup today!