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Stanley Automotive Finance Enterprise Houston
Stanley Automotive Finance Enterprise Serves All Drivers from Houston, TX

At Stanley Automotive Finance Enterprises or S.A.F.E., as we are also known, our vehicle experts are here to get you into a reliable car that will also fit your budget. We offer a wide variety of models from all manufacturers on our lots located throughout the west, central, and east Texas. If your dream vehicle is at another Stanley dealership far from your home, our team will transport the cars, trucks, or SUVs to the location nearest you.

When you are working with the S.A.F.E. team through a Stanley Dealership, you will enjoy all of the features of our full-service dealership alongside a few that our high-priced competition does not offer. We understand that your credit can be a challenge when you are buying a new car. That is why we provide in-house financing for all of our customers. So, you never need to worry about a loan rejection from a bank or other lender. Visit us from your home in Houston and discover all that Stanley has to offer you, including:

  • A massive inventory of pre-owned vehicles on multiple lots throughout Texas.
  • A complete service center handle everything from regular service to major vehicle repairs.
  • Financing from our dealership so there are no hassles with a bank.
  • Easy access from anywhere in Houston
Finding the Right Model for Your Family

If every Houston driver was looking for the same thing, there wouldn’t be any variety when it comes to cars. There are a lot of models out there, so if you’re trying to figure out what’s right for your family, you might want to start by picking the vehicle type first. ? Sedans: Texas is one of the largest states, which means that if you want to travel to Dallas or some other large city, there’s going to be a lot of driving involved. Sedans excel at handling long trips due to the fact that they’re smaller and tend to be more fuel-efficient. If you know that you’re going to be putting a lot of miles on your next vehicle, then you may want to consider a sedan as you’ll be saving a lot more in the long run. ? Pick-Up Trucks: This might be the most popular vehicle type in all of Texas. Whether you’re looking at a lifted truck or a dually, they seem to be everywhere, and for good reason. If you know that you’re going to need to move trailers or boats on a frequent basis, then trucks are a no-brainer. You’ll also have a bed that you’ll be able to use to haul smaller items when needed. ? Minivans: If you have a huge family, then you might begin to see minivans in your future. While these can sometimes fly under the radar, they’re amazingly comfortable. Your passengers are sure to love all the extra space that will be afforded to them, and you’ll find that more recent models tend to pack a surprising amount of technology. If you’re curious about a certain car’s features, you can always ask one of our staff members. ? SUVs: It didn’t take very long for SUVs to become overwhelmingly popular on the market. While sedans tend to all be similar to one another, SUVs can be wildly different as they often come in small, medium, and large sizes. Larger SUVs can often be just as capable as small pick-ups, and as a bonus, they tend to be geared toward the family when it comes to seating and features. You’ll want to be sure to check the year of the model that you’re looking at, as in the past decade, brands have made multiple leaps and bounds when it comes to their safety features.

Stanley Automotive Service Centers

At S.A.F.E. we are proud to back the service technicians at our family of Stanley dealerships that have years of experience working on all makes and models of vehicles. You can bring your new car in for regular maintenance with confidence and know that the work will be done quickly and to the highest industry standards. In addition, you will have the Stanley 12 month or 12,000-mile warranty to cover things like your vehicle’s A.C., transmission, brakes, suspension, and engine. This coverage is our way of providing added peace of mind to our customers and letting them know that we only sell quality used vehicles.

Financing a Vehicle with S.A.F.E.

The team at S.A.F.E. is here to assist you with every step of your new vehicle purchase. From completing the loan application to making you a fair offer on your trade-in. You can get a jump on the finance aspect of your purchase by completing our online secure loan application. We only ask you to provide us with your basic information. Then our experts can begin to process your loan request and provide you with a dollar amount for your vehicle purchase. ? Making The Process Simple: If there’s one thing that drivers hate, it’s financing. It’s fun to tour a dealership and look at all the models, and in comparison, financing can be pretty boring. If you’re hoping to get it over with quickly, our professionals can help you throughout the process. If you have any questions, you can count on their assistance, as they know all the ins and outs. ? A Look at Your Credit: Your credit is going to be a major factor when it comes to financing, but if you’re worried that your credit might be too low, you’ll want to take the time to visit us at S.A.F.E. first. It’s only a short drive from Houston, and you might find that you have a lot more options than you may have first thought.

Directions to S.A.F.E. from Houston

From Houston, jump on I-45 N, which will become I-345 in Dallas. Take exit 1B to N Central Expy. Make right on Lemmon Ave E and proceed ten blocks, where you will see the S.A.F.E. dealership on your left.

Explore Houston in a S.A.F.E. Vehicle
  • Space Center Houston is home to more than 400 exhibits and activities, including the space shuttle Independence.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is the largest in the southwest with over 70,000 works of art. Visit on Thursday and enjoy free general admission.
  • The Museum of Natural Science has something for everyone, from gems and minerals to an Egyptian exhibit.