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GMC is an easily recognized brand for powerful, reliable trucks. This name has been around for more than a hundred years, first as General Motors Truck Company. Early in its history, GMC manufactured military vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, motor homes, and other specialty vehicles. Today, the auto manufacturer continues with its legacy of trucks but has since expanded into SUVs and vans in recent years.

History of GMC

First known as Grabowski Motor Company by Max and Morris Grabowski, GMC was founded in Detroit in 1900. Just two years later, the name was changed to Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the company moved to Pontiac, Michigan. William C. Durant took control of the company just seven years later when it became part of the General Motors Company..

Durant continued to expand and brought on Reliance Motor Car Company. In 1911, both Rapid and Reliance became part of General Motors, dropping their names. GMC was able to secure government contracts for World War I, building ¾-ton and one-ton trucks. GMC almost completely stopped passenger vehicle production to focus on military vehicles by 1918. The company would earn the Distinguished Service Award for its assistance in the war effort.

GMC gained a controlling interest in Yellow Coach, which was a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, in 1925. It was renamed Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Company and was based out of Chicago. In 1943, GMC purchased the remaining interest and changed the name to GMC Truck and Coach Division. Bus production ended in 1987 when it was renamed the GMC Truck Division. This division was merged with Pontiac Motor Division to market to a wider audience.

At this point, GMC branched out with several models. In 2007, the Acadia debuted as a crossover SUV. The GMT-360 Envoy was also introduced while the Terrain debuted in 2009. The Terrain replaced the Torrent from Pontiac.


Today, with the production of Pontiac models ended, GMC focuses mostly on trucks and SUVs. The Acadia is still in production along with the mid-size SUV Terrain. For many of the models, GMC has added the Denali as a more aggressive, off-road capable version.

GMC produces the full-size Yukon and Yukon XL for families or those with extra passengers. The GMC Canyon is another popular model. The manufacturer has an impressive commercial lineup with the Savannah 2500 cargo and passenger vans as well as the Savannah 3500 version of each as well.

One of the most popular additions in recent years is the GMC Hummer, which is part of a sub-brand of GMC. These models are electric and include both the pickup and SUV. They offer an impressive range and capability with unique features you won’t find on other models.

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