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Why Buy A Used Truck

Benefits of Buying a Used Truck

If you need a pickup truck for your business or errands around town, you’ll want to check out the selection of pre-owned models with the Stanley family of dealerships. Brand-new models are expensive and may be out of your price range. However, you can find a quality, reliable used truck to get you around Frisco, Gilmer, and Andrews at Stanley Automotive Finance Enterprise.

A Lower Price on Your Next Pickup Truck

If you have a new business or want to expand, your budget for new vehicles may be tight. You can get more for your money with a used truck. Instead of buying just one truck, you might be able to add two to your fleet. You can also upgrade to a higher trim with more features or a more luxurious model. For instance, you might move up from the Ford F-150 to the Super Duty or from the RAM 1500 to the RAM 2500. Even a model that is just a couple of years old has seen enough depreciation to become more affordable.

More Truck Options to Fit Your Needs

With the limited availability of new models, you could be stuck waiting for weeks or even months before you get your truck. You have more options with a used model, especially when you look at our dealerships throughout central, west, and east Texas. And when you find a used truck that’s loaded with a towing package or the latest technology, you don’t end up paying extra. The price listed includes all those added benefits.

Avoid Depreciation

Speaking of depreciation, you can save money with a used truck because you’re paying for less depreciation. Most trucks lose about 30 percent of their value in the first year. The reduced depreciation is reflected in the price of a truck that’s two or three years old. You can get into a low-mileage truck for a fraction of what you would pay for it new because of the depreciation.

Know Your Truck

Another benefit of buying a used truck is that you can learn more about it and what it has to offer. You can research the model year and find out what other owners have to say. See if there are any recalls or if owners have reported problems. If you find a truck with few reported problems, you can feel confident you’re getting a good pickup for your needs.

Let S.A.F.E. Help You Find a Commercial Vehicle

Here at S.A.F.E., we can help you get financing for that used truck you want to buy. Our finance specialists can get you into the model you like, whether you’re buying for work or play. We work with buyers with all types of credit for a stress-free, no-hassle buying experience. We even include a limited warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles on all our used trucks for added peace of mind. Let S.A.F.E. put you behind the wheel of a quality used truck. Check out our used inventory, give us a call, or stop by to see what we can do for you.